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Tulpa Display (Purple Plasma)

Tulpa Display (Blue Plasma)

Tulpa Display (Green Plasma)

About Our Tulpa Displays:

The “Tulpa Display” plasma tubes have a range of unique effects created by stretching a wire from end to end of a glass tube and sealing it in place. When filled with custom combinations of inert gases, the wire comes alive with extraordinary plasma shapes that form along it, ever-changing as they materialize and disappear again. These ephemeral light formations appear to have a life of their own as they respond to touch and proximity. With a range of power supply adjustments, they can diminish to small spikes of light, nearly standing still, or flare into a brilliant display that fills the entire tube. The glowing structure of their shapes can take the form of green spinning pinwheels, small blue jets of lightning, and multi-pointed purple stars made entirely of light. 

One of the most interactive of our plasma displays, Tulpa Displays are ideal for dynamic electrical demonstrations, and unique displays to enhance museums of both arts and science.

2021 Prices - Tulpa Display

Inquire for custom sizes, design and color options.
4" Diameter x 48" Tube