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Lightning Tubes

Lightning Tubes

“Bottled Lightning”:

Lightning Tubes have the appearance of real white lightning, filling the evacuated space within a borosilicate glass tube. The light is bright, fast-moving, and produces a soft “ringing” sound as the plasma discharge ricochets against the inside of the glass.

Unlike our Crackle Tubes, which are packed with cut glass tubing or glass beads, Lightning Tubes contain nothing else but the lightning discharge, making them much lighter weight. These tubes have two electrodes (one at each end), and are matched with their custom power supply, which is manually adjustable to produce intense, fast moving lightning effects.

A variety of lengths, diameters and even creative shapes are possible—contact us for custom requests.

Custom Lightning Tube

2021 Prices:

Lightning Tubes:
Diameter:1” x 48”2” x 48”3” x 48”4” x 48”5” x 48”6” x 48”

Power supply with cooling fan: $488