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About Our Tulpa Displays:

Special Effect Lighting with Electrified Plasma

The “Tulpa Display” is a special effect lighting display that exhibits unique interactive plasma effects: within a borosilicate glass tube containing a wire sealed end-to-end, the precise variables of electricity, gas pressure and mixture are delicately balanced to allow the formation of distinct shapes and patterns in the plasma discharge.

Did you know that pure plasma light can be made to form shapes of rapidly rotating pinwheels, glowing bunches of pine needles, or pairs of miniature lightning bolts that emanate from a single pinpoint of light? It has to be seen to be believed (luckily, we have videos)!

These highly interactive and variable displays demonstrate the magic and mystery of plasma physics that we challenge anyone to explain! 

2023 Prices - Tulpa Display

Inquire for custom sizes, design and color options.
4" Diameter x 48" Tube