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About Our Jacob’s Ladder Plasma Displays:

The Jacob’s Ladder plasma effect is one you may recognize from the classic laboratory of Frankenstein– a pair of wires set in a “V” shape, with a high voltage arc that rises in between them. Our version of this iconic display is safely enclosed in a borosilicate glass tube to enhance your own mad science laboratory!

Jacob’s Ladder Display Options:

This special plasma effect is made from durable laboratory-quality borosilicate glass. Available with a white or bright blue gas fill, the plasma discharge starts at the bottom of the tube and slowly rises to the top, hovering between the two wires, and then repeats in a cycle. The speed of its movement is adjustable by a custom power supply.  Inquire about display options which range from tabletop to freestanding or even hanging fixtures!

2023 Prices - Jacob's Ladder

Inquire about custom size and color options.
8" Diameter, 16" Height