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Sculpture Gallery 

Browse the photos and videos below to see selected works of plasma light art by Wayne Strattman. Wayne’s artwork combines glass and inert gases such as neon, krypton and xenon, ionized by a high voltage, high frequency power supply, creating unique blown glass forms filled with plasma light that glows, moves and interacts with touch. 

plasma light art

Wayne's plasma light art sculptures are made from flameworked borosilicate glass.

The air is then evacuated from the hollow glass forms, which are then filled with inert gases. Electrified with a high voltage, high frequency power supply, the fill gases form glowing light and filaments of plasma. View the gallery of videos below to see the luminous plasma in action!

Want to learn more about the plasma art process? Visit our FAQ page for more information. For any inquiries about custom sculpture displays, contact Wayne Strattman.


Dream Engine

Electric Tribute to Mark Rothko


Trivial Encounters


Communication Gap

Electric Forest

"Not While I Have My Blaster!"

Nixie Rex

Landscape of the Mind

Fiction Science

Veiled Portraits

Neon Grand


"Crush, Kill, Destroy!"

"Rogers Here, I Read You 5 by 5"

By the Numbers