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Bright Blue Plasma Tubes

Colored Plasma Tubes

About Our Plasma Tubes:

Bright Blue Plasma Tubes are one of our brightest plasma displays, visible even in ambient light.

Our original plasma tubes are made with clear borosilicate glass and filled with a brilliant blue plasma filament discharge that travels throughout the tube. The color comes entirely from the blue colored plasma that is visible through the clear glass.

Many other colors for plasma tubes are also possible by applying a colored phosphor coating to the inside of the clear glass, which provides an overall colored tint that glows throughout the entire tube, through which the bright blue plasma discharge can be seen. 

Both methods produce bright vibrant color effects.

Plasma Tubes are available in a wide range of lengths and diameters. See list of suggested sizes or contact us for custom sizes.

2021 Prices - Plasma Tubes

Prices apply to Bright Blue Plasma Tubes. Inquire for custom color options.
1" x 48" Diameter
2" x 48" Diameter
3" x 48" Diameter
4" x 48" Diameter
5" x 48" Diameter
6" x 48" Diameter
Power Supply with Cooling Fan