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About Our Plasma Tubes:

Our plasma tubes are made from durable clear borosilicate glass, filled with an inert gas mix that produces a bright blue ribbon of plasma. This blue fill is our brightest plasma display, eye-catching even in ambient light, and brilliantly glowing in the dark. The plasma follows a random, wavy path inside the tube, but also attracts to touch, much like a plasma globe. A mesmerizing lighting effect like no other, plasma tubes can be made in a variety of lengths and diameters to enhance any display setting. 

Plasma tubes can also be tinted in a wide range of colors by applying a phosphor powder coating to the inside of the glass. When the gas is energized, the phosphor will also glow as the filament of light moves throughout the tube. 

2022 Prices - Plasma Tubes

Prices apply to Bright Blue Plasma Tubes. Inquire for custom color options. Other lengths up to 80" available.
1" x 48" Diameter
2" x 48" Diameter
3" x 48" Diameter
4" x 48" Diameter
5" x 48" Diameter
6" x 48" Diameter
Power Supply with Cooling Fan