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About Our Mesmer Tubes:

These colorful lighting effects in glass are mesmerizing: a filament of plasma light slowly moves across a surface painted with glowing phosphors!

These dynamic displays feature phosphor paintings within glass that glow and interact with a moving plasma filament. Made from double-walled borosilicate glass, the inner surface provides the “canvas” for a three-dimensional phosphor painting. Enclosed by an outer envelope of clear glass, with inert gas sealed inside, a mesmerizing arc of plasma slowly illuminates the surrounding phosphors as it flows in a random path. 

The “Mesmerizing” effect of this plasma display attracts the eye with its slow and hypnotic motion. The strand of light moves on its own with an ever-changing shape, and is also interactive with touch! Moving one’s hand across the glass will re-direct the path of the light and, at the same time, illuminate the glowing phosphors within.

The phosphor design is hand-painted, making each Mesmer Tube a unique creation.

2023 Prices - Mesmer Tubes

Inquire about our many custom design and color options.
8" Diameter, 16" Height