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Mesmer Tubes

About Our Mesmer Tubes:

Three-Dimensional “Plasma Light Paintings”:

Mesmer Tubes are named after the famous 18th century French physician Franz Mesmer who popularized “Mesmerism,” the intellectual precursor of modern hypnosis. 

The slowly flowing arc of plasma within the Mesmer Tube is truly hypnotic and “mesmerizing”—watch as it moves in a random path, or touch the glass to change its direction! Unlike a classic plasma tube, the Mesmer Tube contains a double interior glass wall that is hand-painted with multi-layered colored phosphors. As the plasma filament moves across the surface of this “light painting,” it slowly illuminates its glowing colors.  

Many available color combinations.

2021 Prices - Mesmer Tubes

Inquire about our many custom design and color options. Price includes custom power supply.
8" Diameter, 16" Height