Wayne Strattman

Wayne Strattman PhD

President Wayne Strattman received a PhD by published papers from the University of Sunderland in the UK in 2008 for his many years of work researching, writing, advocating for, and making sculpture with neon and other advanced forms of lighted glass sculpture.
His background degree in engineering coupled with his work as a researcher, teacher, and artist combined over a career to produce over 100 articles, the industry standard textbook “Neon Techniques”, and a large number of innovative lighting patents and products that featured techniques beyond conventional neon to make lighted sculpture as well as commercial products that have been sold internationally.
His Boston based company; Strattman Design has also been a leader for decades in making custom sculpture, architectural installations and lighting. Strattman Design has also been a leading firm in technical development of gas discharge automotive and commercial forms of lighting for Corning’s Advanced Lighting Products Division.

Greg Maslin

Greg joined Strattman Design in June, 2014 as Wayne’s assistant. He is in school at Harvard Extension School for Software Engineering. With interests ranging from software, design, to sculpture, his abilities have increased greatly since his time with Strattman Design.